DeskSoft WindowManager 10.13.1 Crack + Keygen 2024

DeskSoft WindowManager 10.13.1 Crack + Keygen Free Download 2024

DeskSoft WindowManager 10.13.1 Crack makes it possible to save and restore the size and location of windows and folders with DeskSoft WindowManager. Windows Explorer does not always restore folder windows to former positions and sizes, and many apps do not remember their size or location on the desktop between sessions. You can set any window’s size and position to be fixed in the DeskSoft WindowManager so that it always appears in the same spot despite being resized or relocated. With the WindowManager, you may fix a window’s size and location so that it always appears in the same spot. Managing windows is flexible, allowing you to create unique regulations for your most frequently used or preferred windows. You may tailor window management to fit your needs and give your most-used windows special treatment. When using WindowManager, you can reduce a window to the taskbar.

DeskSoft WindowManager CrackDeskSoft WindowManager Crack is a handy little program that can restore your windows to their previous places after you close them. You can save time by having the program remember where you put your windows and then recreating your desktop in that exact configuration, rather than wasting it on constant window repositioning. WindowsManager, unlike several other apps, always remembers where you left off in each one. It’s important to measure and install the window properly, as well. DeskSoftWindowManager’s primary function is to facilitate the control of Windows inside a Windows environment. When the Windows OS is properly and optimally managed, the Windows environment becomes more pleasant. And the rapidity with which this OS facilitates work. This tool has every window you could ever want. Furthermore, you don’t have to relocate them to a fixed spot each time.

DeskSoft WindowManager Crack + Key 2024

DeskSoft WindowManager Key by returning your windows to their previous size and location. Even Windows Explorer doesn’t always restore windows to their previous location and size between sessions for many programs. WindowManager fills this void. As opposed to wasting time rearranging every window to your liking, you can just do it once. Make your desktop exactly how you want it with the help of this program that will remember all your settings. WindowsManager, in contrast to some other apps, always remembers where you left off in your last session. It’s important to measure and install the window properly, as well. DeskSoft WindowManager Keygen is a handy program that restores windows to their previous places after each use. Rather than spending time adjusting window placement, just have this program remember where everything is and then set up your desktop the way you prefer it.

The DeskSoft WindowManager can save you time by returning your windows to their previous sizes and positions. Not many programs save their window sizes and positions between sessions, and even Windows Explorer doesn’t always restore windows to their previous positions. It is at this point that WindowManager comes into play, making sure that your windows always appear in the exact locations you specify. The WindowManager even lets you fix the window’s size and location, so it always pops up in the same place no matter where you put it. All windows can be handled in whatever way you like, and you can even create unique rules for your most-used windows. In addition, WindowManager allows you to minimize windows to the system tray. Locking a window’s location and size with a DeskSoft WindowManager ensures that it will always appear in the same place, regardless of where you move it.

DeskSoft WindowManager Crack + License Key 2024

DeskSoft WindowManager can also execute custom commands on window opening, shutting, minimizing, and maximizing in addition to the aforementioned options. WindowManager comes with several predefined instructions that can be added to your instruction set with a single click. You can get the most out of this feature by reading the user manual, which contains comprehensive instructions and explanations of all available commands. DeskSoft WindowManager moving and resizing windows to create a comfortable working environment is a difficult and time-consuming chore. The positioning and sizing of the windows on your computer’s desktop are managed by a program called WindowManager. This feature also serves as a time-saving productivity aid by allowing you to save your current layout of open windows and then load it back up at a later time.

All windows can be handled in whatever way you like, and you can even create unique rules for your most-used windows. In addition, WindowManager allows you to minimize windows to the system tray. As an alternative to, or in conjunction with, a virtual desktop with several displays, this program offers flexible and versatile screen management. WindowsManager, in contrast to several other programs, reliably recalls the last window’s position. The location becomes a position if the window size is set properly. By pressing a shortcut key, you can modify the selected window and have WindowManager restore it at a later time. The order of the windows can also be altered. Constantly moving and resizing windows to find a comfortable layout for your desk is a frustrating and time-consuming chore.

Key Features:

  • Keeps track of windows you’ve used recently and restores their size and placement.
  • Allows for the display of a variety of windows and dialogs, including those from the explorer.
  • Specific guidelines for relocating, downsizing, etc.
  • To avoid any resizing or moving that might result from using the list, disregard it.
  • Multiple personas
  • Profile modifications can be triggered with great force.
  • Tab the taskbar down to minimize windows.
  • Fully modifiable
  • Now compatible with Windows 8!
  • It’s back to normal, with the application and windows back where they were.
  • There’s support for a dual-screen setup.
  • You can use it with programs, dialog boxes, explorer windows, and more.
  • Easy-to-use profile-switching software.
  • This program has been developed with Windows 10 in mind.
  • Adjusting the size and position of windows, as well as activating and closing them, is the extent of rule customization.
  • Full personalization is possible.
  • Installing and removing components in bulk requires extra attention.
  • Multiprofiling.
  • Minimizing a window to the taskbar is the proper method.
  • This means Excel users may be allowed to keep their work areas.
  • Useful window manipulations like typing, clicking, and highlighting text are made possible by this feature.
  • You can use the Hotkey protocol with no problems.
  • Windows 10 has improved support for virtual desktops (shortcuts, icon style customization)
  • precision in determining where windows go.
  • Think carefully about the size of your window openings.
  • opportunity to specify prominent facade windows.
  • A potential for partially see-through panes
  • This is a cost- and time-effective solution.
  • The software is quite small in size.
  • This program is designed with the average user in mind.
  • Functionally simpleDeskSoft WindowManager Crack

What’s New?

  • length 0.72 MB in length.
  • An open-source software license.
  • Input/Output System
  • Those Pesky Windows.
  • You can get the complete version for $ 10.00.The inability to consistently save settings and preferences has been corrected.
  • The formatting of the installation program has been improved.
  • Tweaks and corrections of various kinds


  • Soft keyboard operation; this is a pro
  • Breaking old routines is essential

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP The Windows Vista Windows 7
  • The Windows 8 Windows 10
  • The Windows Home Server Windows 2003 server
  • The Windows 2008 server Windows Server 2012

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How To Install?

  • First, download the modern version.
  • You can use IObit Uninstaller Pro to uninstall the preceding version.
  • Disable virus protection.
  • Open the setup (use WinRAR after downloading to download the RAR file). After
  • downloading, unzipping, or unzipping the RAR file.
  • After setting, near them from anywhere.
  • Obtain the “Crack” or “Patch” folder, replica it and paste it into the set-up folder, and use it.
  • Enjoy.


DeskSoft WindowManager is a handy little utility that can remember where all window positions were when they were last used. Instead of wasting time moving all windows to the position you want let this app remember all the positions for you and then create your desktop the way you want. This app can be seen as a replacement or an addition to the virtual desktop with multiple displays. While some programs don’t remember their last opened location WindowsManager certainly does. Also, get the correct size and position of the window.

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